New administrative center
of Lesy České republiky

The need of solving the insufficient capacity and unsatisfactory technical condition of the premises of the Lesy České republiky headquarters has given rise to the project of building a new administrative center. The project was based on due diligence of the enterprise's management. An analysis of the operative needs and an assessment of the current state of the buildings were undertaken. Lesy České republiky have their own plots of land on the edge of the inhabited part of the developable area of New Hradec Králové, in a part of the complex with temporary structures. Their demolition will create room for the new construction.

The new headquarters building must meet all technical, operational and architectural features of modern headquarters of an enterprise managing state forestry property. Solutions should be exemplary illustrations of the use of wood in construction.

The new administrative center must meet construction, structural, fire, security, sound and environmental conditions with an emphasis on minimizing the subsequent operating costs.

All of that must comply with the principles of sustainable development in building construction and operation while under the Act no. 406/2000 Coll., On energy management, it must meet the energy performance requirements.

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