Competition mission and type

The purpose of the architectural competition titled "New Administrative Center of Lesy České republiky" is to obtain high-quality architectural designs, of which one will be chosen for the development of project documentation for the construction of a new administrative building (or buildings). Lesy České republiky have their own plots of land on the edge of the inhabited part of the developable area of New Hradec Králové, in a part of the complex with temporary structures. Their demolition will create room for the new construction.

The new headquarters building (or buildings) must meet all technical, operational and architectural features of modern headquarters of an enterprise managing state forestry property. Solutions should be exemplary illustrations of the use of wood in construction. The new administrative center must meet the strictest construction, structural, fire, security, sound and environmental conditions with an emphasis on minimizing the subsequent operating costs.

The selected architectural design must comply with the principles of sustainable development especially in building construction and operation while under the Act no. 406/2000 Coll., On energy management, it must meet the energy performance requirements.

Competition title: New Administrative Center of Lesy Česká republika
Type of competition
  - area of focus: Project, design
  - subject: Architectural
  - scope: Public - anonymous
  - rounds: Two rounds
Legislative basis: Act No. 137/2006 Coll., On public procurement,
Competition Rules of the Czech Chamber of Architects
Contracting entity profile:
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Time schedule

Time schedule of the architectonic competition
New administrative center of Lesy České republiky.

Competition announcement

12. 7. 2016

1st round of the competition

Submission of the 1st round proposals

22. 9. 2016

Start of the 2nd round of the competition

26. 10. 2016

2nd round of the competition

Submission of the 2nd round proposals

10. 1. 2017

Announcement of competition results

1. 2. 2017


Members of the jury of architectonic competition
New administrative center of Lesy České republiky



Dependent substitutes

Ing. Igor Kalix, MBA (Director of administration, Lesy ČR), Ing. Karel Buchta, Ph.D. (Director of economics, Lesy ČR), Ing. Radovan Srba (Director of sales, Lesy ČR), Ing. Václav Lidický (Director of production and technology, Lesy ČR), Daniel Kocour (Head of section of construction investments and maintenance, Lesy ČR), Ing. Petra Matoušková (Head of department of construction procurement, Lesy ČR), Ivan Chalupa (Construction investments technician, Lesy ČR), Petr Štefec (Head of section of economic administration, Lesy ČR), Ing. Miroslav Matějka (Construction projects specialist, Lesy ČR), Ing. Lenka Zahálková (Head of section of public procurement, Lesy ČR)

Jury auxiliary bodies

  Name E-mail Telephone
Competition secretary Ing. arch. Tomáš Veselý +420 251 566 582
Examiner of competition proposals Ing. arch. Igor Kovačević, Ph.D. +420 603 810 083
Expert on economics of buildings Ladislav Knap +420 731 155 166
Expert on energy in buildings Mgr. A. Miroslav Misař +420 777 103 940
Legal services Havel, Holásek & s.r.o.,
advokátní kancelář
Mgr. Jan Lašmanský, LL.M.
Na Florenci 2116/15
Nové město, 110 00 Praha 1 +420 255 000 838
Interpreters Silvie Ginterová
Soňa Pfrognerová  



The land for the construction of the new administrative center of Lesy České republiky is located on the southeastern outskirts of the city of Hradec Králové. There is a forest belt, several dozens of meters wide, which separates the complex from the road no. E442 / 35, leading to Brno. There are wide municipal forests on the other side of the road, which are to some extent used by Hradec citizens for recreation.

The territory relevant for the competition participants is delimited from the west, north and east by a fence of the Directorate of Lesy České republiky, and from the south by the Přemyslova street and subsequent residential houses. On the west, one of the buildings of the complex known as "Silvia" is directly adjacent to the building of the Municipal forests of Hradec Králové. They share entrance areas, which are separate from one another, but architecturally unified and structurally interconnected. On the south, the complex is delimited by the Přemyslova street.

The urban plan of the city locates civic amenities in this area, which are surrounded from the west by a large area of low-rise residential buildings, typical for the larger part of the New Hradec Králové. In the south, there are smaller residential areas with multi-storey buildings, and in the southeast there are areas with technical equipment. The area is surrounded from the north and east by recreational forests. The national significance of the complex of Lesy České republiky increases the importance of this location. It is an important administrative center of a state enterprise managing the largest forestry assets in the Czech Republic.

The land plots of Lesy České republiky headquarters currently hold an office building with a canteen and a dining area, a building known as "Silvia" with a conference room, archive, several offices and a dormitory and there are also buildings used as a warehouse and a garage. There are also sports facilities, several parking lots and inner roads.

The complex is connected to all necessary utilities - sewer, water supply, power lines, gas and telecommunications.